Alternative Tourism Park Ano Vrodou, Sports, Entertainment and Action Park in Serres Greece


Our goal is contact with people seeking a different quality of life, a different relationship with nature and each other. We are not seeking to compete and gain economic benefit by destroying nature. In the rural environment of a mountain with lush vegetation, we provide shelter, hosting services and recreational activities to visitors seeking new and authentic experiences, while making use of their free time creatively.

Mountain Bikes

The stay in the mountains, in conjunction with the activities offered, allows us to learn through fun and games.

Flying Fox

Because we believe that any activity in the mountain brings both mental and physical benefits. Because it allows people to cultivate feelings of love and respect for the environment, develop their organizational skills, cooperate to achieve common objectives, use their senses, test their endurance and overcome their fears by controlling danger.

Easter 2008

These activities in the mountains offer us a well-toned body, health and interesting friendships. We gradually acquire a more rounded personality, with confidence in ourselves.

Each of the activities offered contribute to achieving these objectives by bringing benefits to the individual. So, it’s a matter of what you like and how you want to spend your time. Of our part, we are ready and willing to offer you an experience you will never forget.


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