Alternative Tourism Park Ano Vrodou, Sports, Entertainment and Action Park in Serres Greece

Το καταφύγιο
Το καταφύγιο κτίστηκε με τέτοιον τρόπο ούτως ώστε να είναι αρμονικά ενταγμένο στο φυσικό τοπίο, σεβόμενο την παραδοσιακή αρχιτεκτονική και το αγροτικό περιβάλλον. Έτσι, καταφέρνει να παραπέμπει στον αυθεντικό τρόπο ζωής της υπαίθρου, ενισχύοντας τους δεσμούς μας με τη φύση και την περιβαλλοντική μας συνείδηση, χαρίζοντάς μας ξεκούραση και ευχάριστη εκμετάλλευση του ελεύθερού μας χρόνου.

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Four independent traditional rooms
Four independent traditional rooms with wooden furnishings, suitable for families or  a small group of friends, are waiting to become your favourite base for exploring the beauties of our mountains. The approximately 40m2 room consists of a comfortable bedroom and a loft that can host 2-3 children or 2 adults. In the room you will also find a couch bed. The most impressive sight however is the view of the surrounding mountains, with clouds that appear to be touching the mountaintops.
All rooms have independent heating, television and a balcony from where you can enjoy the view. On the ground floor, you can relax in the living room writing or chatting beside the fireplace, in a uniquely enjoyable environment.


Two 13-people rooms
The Centre also offers ideal hosting services for rooms of up to 13 individuals.

Rooms of up to 13 individualsDiningroomLodge Ano Vrondou by evening

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